Here are some testimonials from former and current clients.

    Amy Wright (Distance)

    "I wasn't sure what to expect at first and was honestly a bit skeptical of long-distance reiki, as well as anxious about it. The reiki healing session came free with a lovely compassion candle I bought from Meghan on Etsy, so I figured I'd give it a try. Meghan talked me through the process and responded to my questions and anxieties. Even though we were many miles apart for the healing and I didn't know what time of night it would occur, I could tell when the healing was happening, because my half-asleep dreamlike state suddenly gained a depth I hadn't experienced before and it felt like I was really in the calm settings I was imagining, such as a field of green grass (even though I knew I was in my bed), and then I heard lots of shuffling despite being in my apartment alone and through my eyelids I saw a slow and gentle flash of white light across my field of vision. The next day Meghan took the time and care to send me a detailed description of what she saw and experienced during my healing. I hadn't told her what I'd experienced yet, so I was shocked when I read that she saw me standing in a field of green grass, just as I had seen!! She also gave me a message about what symbols my guardian angels use to tell me they're there with me, one of which is red roses, which I have been very drawn to lately, and Meghan told me what I need to do to connect with and receive the help of my guardian angels. I did what she instructed and I very quickly felt a strong, lasting feeling of love and saw a bag a few feet away from me that had the red Roses store logo on it!! Since that moment, I have felt much more safe and protected from the spirits in my apartment, I feel warmth whenever I see roses (which is all the time!) and feel I have a source of love right there with me that I can draw upon when I need it. I'm so glad for this experience and it has facilitated improvements in some of the areas of my life that I was most seeking help with." 

    Robin Brown (1-on-1)

    "When I heard about reiki healing I was excited and nervous. I wasn’t sure what would come to the surface or even what to expect. The room was set up perfectly with soft music and candles and that set the mood right away! Meghan has an energy around her that’s peaceful and welcoming. When we got started, I immediately felt a sense a relief. I was struggling with a lot of self doubt at the time and feeling like I couldn’t handle all that was on my plate. With each minute, each direction Meghan called out, I felt so protected. As she walked me through some visuals I let go of every negative thing holding me back and when I left, I carried that well into the rest of the month and the weight I carried just didn’t seem so heavy anymore. I will definitely be back for more sessions and I am looking forward to the calm Meghan brings to the reiki healing session and my life."

    Tiffany Holden (1-on-1)

    "When I walked into my first reiki session with Meghan I did not know what to expect. I was very nervous. Her soothing voice and calming spirit quickly put my mind at ease. By the end of our session I was so relaxed and my mind was finally quiet. I needed that time to just be still and be in the moment. I can't wait until our next reiki session."


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