Angelic Reiki Process

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Before I get started on explaining what the angelic reiki process is you must know there are many types of Reiki. I cannot give you all of them nor the details of each, but you are more than welcome to research them and find which one works best for you. I can share with you the common traits they all share, but mostly what Angelic Reiki is.

Reiki is an energy healing process. It is a hands-on healing process but does not worry. Hands will not be placed in areas not appropriate, but above or around those areas. In the reiki healing I practice, Angelic Reiki, hands are placed on the shoulders of the participant and most of the time stays there through the whole healing process. However, hands can be placed in different areas when the healer is guided to do so. Angelic Reiki's purpose is to open up the mind to get to the true cause of what needs to be healed and heal it. You may be surprised to find that what needed to be healed is not what is actually hurting or bothering you. During the processes, the healer becomes a channel for the energy healing coming from the angelic guides that work with them. Once the channel is open and the healer and participant have connected the healing flows through the healer into the participant. Depending on which type of reiki healing is taken place, intentional, chakra, or distance, know that everyone's experience is different. I will say the most common I have experienced is crying. Each time after the healing has been received the person receiving the healing is crying. They have always said that they felt a strong sense of peace. After the session is done, the healing can last 21-28 days, and sometimes even longer. Once the healing session has been complete the participant and healer will discuss their experience with each other and advise to help prolong the length of healing. It is a very angelic and mystical experience. Not one of them is the same as before. Sometimes you might feel things, physically and/or emotionally. Sometimes you might even see visions or hear things. The key is to just accept it, both the healer and the participant. Whatever you do, do not question it.

Who can receive reiki? Anyone can receive reiki, even animals. Adults can receive a healing session for up to 20 minutes. However, pregnant women who are experiencing difficulties should be seen once a month for the first 6 months and then as required. Please know that when healing a pregnant woman 5 minutes of the healing session will be spent with hands above the baby in the womb.

Babies can have a session for no more than 5 minutes, but once the baby is able to sit up their time can increase to 10 minutes. One hand is placed under the bottom and the other behind the head.

Young children can be given healing between 10-15 minutes. Hands can be placed on shoulders or in the baby positions, depending on if the child is seated or laying down and how big the child is. Once the child reaches 12 years of age, they can be treated as an adult and heal for about 20 minutes. I have done a healing session on my 8-year-old son and had him laying down with a pillow in my lap and his head placed on it. My hands were placed on his shoulders and the healing process lasted 10 minutes. He absolutely loved it the experience. He was also one of the ones who cried tears of peace and joy.

Animals can be given up to 10 minutes of healing with one hand on the breast bone, the other on the hindquarters. I have yet to experience this.

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