Energy cleansing.

With the full moon energy still strong, you still have time to release all that no longer serves you. Let go of all energy that is holding you back from living your best life. What are some ways to cleanse the energy within and around you? There are so many ways, but some of my favorite ways are Himalayan Salt lamps, smudge spray, smudging with sage or Palo Santo, crystals, natural sunlight, or sound vibrations. If you walk around my house you will see that I have at least one of these things in each room to help cleanse the energy. I will go over how to use them and when you should use them. Please know that these are not the only ways to cleanse energies.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are one of my favorite ways to balance out the energy in a room. I have one placed in the living room and one in my son's room. It releases calming energy with so many health benefits. Just plain salt is commonly used to cleanse crystals, so a salt lamp has a great effect on cleansing a space. It can absorb negative energy and filter it to release it back as positive energy. Think of it as your own vibration filter. My living room one usually stays on while we are home and my son only uses his right before he goes to bed to help me prepare for bed. Sometimes he does use it as his night light.


There are two ways to smudge, spray smudge or smudge smoke. Smudge spray is man-made with cleansed water infused with crystals and/or cleansing herbs. Smudge spray is commonly used to cleanse self and objects that you feel hold negative energy. You can use it to cleanse a space but in my opinion, it is not the most effective way. The smudge smoke is one of the most effective ways to cleanse a space. The smudge smoke is a bundle of cleansing herbs or a piece of Palo Santo burning to release its cleansing and protection energy. You can use this method on cleansing objects as well. Now before you use this method be sure to open windows and/or doors to the outside. If you are doing one room, just open one window so that the energy you are not wanting has an exit. If you are doing the whole house, you can open a window or door to the front and one in the back. Sometimes I open a window in each room depending on how often each room is being used and how I feel the energy is throughout the house. As you smoke smudge the room/house, start at the front door or main door to the room and go clockwise around the area. Hold the intention to cleanse all that does not serve you or the greatest good of the universe to leave now and do not return. There are plenty of ways to say or put this, find what works best for you. I will say it has a stronger effect when saying it out loud, but you can say it in your mind. Once you have gone around the whole area clockwise and you are back at the door you started from smudge the frame of that door and ask your guardian angels, archangel Michael, or spirit guides to place a ring of protection around the space so that the energy you released is not able to come back in and say Thank you 3 times. Once done I usually wait 5 minutes to start closing all windows and doors. It is okay to leave them open if you want to. I of course do this every full moon and whenever I feel like the energy in my house feels off. Do it when you feel called to do it, and please practice this safely.


There are certain crystals you can use to cleanse energy and here is the greatest thing about the ones I am about to share with you is that they themselves cleanse themself. As I had mentioned with the Himalayan Salt lamp it is its own filter and so are these crystals. Two crystals I use for this method are Selenite/Satin Spar and Shungite. Selenite and Satin Spar have the same properties, but Selenite is clearer than Satin Spar. The most common form is Satin Spar. In every room, you will find a piece of it somewhere. I not only use them as an energy filter for the room but also cleanse and charge my crystal jewelry. Now Shungite has another great benefit. It not only filters the negative energy, but it is also an EMF blocker. I have this crystal as a plate and place them by our electronics. I even have a bracelet I wear whenever I leave the house.

Natural Sunlight

Sometimes when we feel low or we just blah, spending time outside in the natural sunlight not only grounds us but releases all unwanted energy. It can actually also bring crystals and objects back to their highest vibrational energy. Of course, do not spend an accessive amount of time in it. So open the blinds, step outside and drink your drink, or even meditate in it. It is the cheapest and easiest one to obtain when the sun is out.

Sound Vibration

Just like smudging, there are different ways you can use sound vibration. You can use healing mediation music from music apps, YouTube, and even sound therapy apps. There are also Singing bowls among other instruments as well. I often use YouTube for cleansing meditation music. I usually have it playing for a few hours in the house. My favorite practice with sound vibration is with my singing bowl I got from Earthbound. It not only cleanses me but the space I am in and all the stuff that is around me as well. I will use it for at least 5-10 minutes.

Once you start practicing any of these energy cleansing practices you will notice a positive shift within a couple of days. Things you did not notice before will hit you in the face. Haha. You will also be able to manage your emotions and begin to understand yourself more clearly and even accept more rather than dwell. If you are looking for more energy cleansing options Pinterest is a great place to start. Please know that not all will work for everyone so pick one or a few that work for you. If you practice any of these or different ones, please share them with us. I would love to hear from you.

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