Shutting off the mind chatter

Are you like me and have a lot of mind chatter? Does your mind go from one thing to the next without even finishing a thought? Yeah, mine does that too. It is oftentimes hard to shut it off when we are trying to fall asleep or when we are trying to take a break, but we can't because we just turned the noise cancelation down by limiting the things we were doing. The chatter just gets louder and louder when our things start to settle down. It is almost like your mind is saying, "Okay great now I can speak," and just does not know how to shut up. Today I am going to share with you 2 ways you can lessen the mind chatter that has worked for me and others I have shared my experience with, and they are JOURNALING and MEDITATION.


You are probably thinking journaling is just like having a diary. In a way that is true, but there are so many ways you can go with journaling. It doesn't just hold secrets and heck they do not even have to be hush hush all the time. If you came to my house and saw the number of journals I have you find it weird that I have so many. Here's the thing, each of them plays a purpose. Do I use all of them at the same time? No. One I use for gratitude, this one of my close friends made for me when I looking to heighten my spirituality. I go to this one when I feel the need to look for something good after I have had a hard day or week. The most common one I use is my regular journal. It is a bit of everything. I write to-do lists, things I need to remember or want to remember, thoughts that have been weighing on me, and even things that have happened that excited me a lot. My favorite thing about journaling is that you do not have to worry about grammar or spell correctly. It is just you letting it all out in whatever language you choose. Perfection does not exist in this practice. No one has to see it and you do not have to share any of it with anyone if you choose not to. I have shared a few things here in there but read it out loud because my handwriting can be sloppy when writing in my journals. Now go find yourself a notebook or a piece of paper and let it all out. In time you will start noticing how the mind chatter has quiet down.

 A peek at what my gratitude journal  looks like.
Gratitude Journal


Mediation is often looked at as someone just sitting in silence with the ability to turn off the mind chatter the moment they sit down. In a way that is true, however, mediation is a great practice to also allow the mind chatter to playout. The key is to not fight the thought or thoughts from appearing. You simply acknowledge that you are having that thought and let it play out and once it is done, focus on something else such as your breathing or the sounds you hear around you, or even the sensations you are having throughout your body. The key to this method and practice is to bring you to the here and now, to ground you. Will you have your first handful of times where your mind chatter is crazy high, of course, but over time, because you have acknowledged the thoughts and had them play out fully, the less likely you will have them again. If you are asking how do I know if I played it out, the answer is quite simple, the thought will simply disappear and the focus on it just disappears. You will no longer feel the need or want to know anything else about it or feel any way about it, you are simply just at ease. When starting with this practice it is important to know not to push yourself to sit, stand, or lay in a meditative state for a long time. Start with 5 minutes at a time and over time you will naturally be able to do 10 minutes to even 30. The more you meditate the more you can heal yourself from the mind chatter and mediation will start to become a high for you. You will feel at peace and your positive energy level will be at a high vibration that not only helps get rid of mind chatter, but it also brings out your true potential. Now just go find a quiet place to sit or lay down and turn on music, preferably some that does not have lyrics, and let your thoughts play out. You can also find plenty of guided meditations on YouTube for free. Calm is a great app you can use on your electronic devices that has a lot of stuff to help with mind chatter, you can try it for free for a week.

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