Why Crystals?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

You are probably wondering why I chose to work with crystals when doing Reiki. Over the past year, I have studied and worked with crystals and even educated some of my close friends on their healing power. A couple of years back one of my closest friends asked me if I knew about crystals and chakras and at the time I did not nor did I care to know. However, when the world went into quarantine, I decided to investigate it because I really wanted to get deeper into my mediation. I saw a few things here and there that crystals are great at assisting you in doing just that. Before long I bought my first crystal healing set, the chakra set on Amazon. When It came in the mail, I did not rush to open it because I wanted to do it just before my meditation time. Let me tell you this, the moment I opened the cute wooden box it came in I felt the strong pull these crystals had. I have never felt anything like it. It was scary at first, I must admit because it was something unknown to me, but the more time I spent with them the more excited and happier I got. From then on, I got deeper into my spirituality and mediation.

What I have learned from crystals is that each one has a different vibration and holds a different purpose. For instance, one of the most popular crystals, Amethysts is great for calming the mind and can bring you to a higher spiritual state when used to meditate. Its healing abilities can boost the production of hormones and great for cleansing and strengthening the immune system. Another popular crystal is rose quartz. Rose quartz represents unconditional love and infinite peace. It is commonly used for love and relationships. When meditating with it opens the heart for more compassion and acceptance of all things. Each crystal, stone, rock, whatever you want to call them, has different purposes and properties that make them unique and special.

They have helped me with my own health issues and healing that needed to be done emotionally. Before I got pregnant, I have had bad knee problems and lower back pain, and sciatic nerve being pinched all the time. The more I worked with crystals, my knee problem became completely nonexistent and my lower back pain is gone. When I got pregnant in September of 2020 my sciatic nerve problem was giving me even more of a problem where I could hardly walk and moving around was exceedingly difficult for me. I scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor to hopefully adjust some stuff. However, my Reiki teacher told me her horror story of the chiropractor which opened the door for me to try what worked for her, YOGA, and of course a reiki healing session before we even started class. Let me tell you I was able to walk around, jump high in the air, and run right after our first Reiki lesson. She had me hold the reiki healing crystal she gave and performed a reiki healing on me and do a yoga pose. Almost every day, there are some days I have had to skip, I have done a self-healing reiki session on me. I have only had to do the yoga pose twice since the first time and I am about 18 weeks into my pregnancy. This is why crystals play such an important part in my reiki practice.

If you are wanting more information about crystals and their healing power checkout Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier. I also suggest getting the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. The Crystal Bible goes in-depth on all different types of crystal healing properties and purposes. The first crystal box I got was the 7 Chakra from Crystalya on

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